January 24th, 2005

Its been a strange day.

At work, me, my boss, and this other girl from texas talked about boys and where to meet them in the city and how dating sucked here and how we all have to settle. my boss is married though. I havent met her hubby, but DJ tells me she settled. Great. To find love in the city, I have to settle for some dude who is either hot but dumb and poor or smart but rich and trollish. something like that. I dont care about the rich, but can i just get someone average, w/a nice smile and who isnt psycho?

Drei2 and I reconnected today at work when he IMed. We’re supposed to meet next week for dinner. Both of us have been put through the emotional ringer these past few months as far as relationships go and need good outlets and stiff drinks. I filled him in on this past months shitty turn of events and even he, a self-proclaimed “asshole in his 20s” found scb’s behavior to be inexcusable and lower than low. In fact, every guy Ive talked to, who knows the story, has said the same thing. So good. Im right to feel the way I do.

Speaking of reconnection–I dont know what it is, but DJ and I had the weird chemistry thing going today. We’ve been actually pretty distant w/one another. Not sure why. Just have. I had a dream about him recently, where I just rested my head on his shoulder like when we were watching tv. And he kind of sat there unsure of what to do before putting his arm around my waist. Weird. Maybe I was thinking about that dream today or something. Maybe it was b/c i wasnt wearing my glasses. Maybe we will always spark at random moments. I think its just that we’ve been so distant and so long and today we were actually clicking that it just felt weird…like before.

And finally–I went on a tour of the gym Im thinking of joining. Quite nice in a hotel sort of way. so many men there too. At first, when I entered, I thought the guy girl ratio was like 15 to 1…and all younger guys. It kind of made me super self-conscious b/c i thought everyone was staring at me. Thus, I was too embarrassed to really *check out* the guys, which kind of sucks. The good thing is that I have a 1 week trial membership, so…maybe…we’ll see if there are any takers I can crush on for a week or two.

I’m not *back* or anything. I’m just checking out the scenery. Doing a lil window shopping. Doesn’t hurt to look.

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