j line

The power went out in our bldg again yesterday. A gift from God, I must say. Our entire office and the blocks surrounding us were completely out. During the initial power outtage, my coworkers and I were caught in the elevator as it plunged about 6 feet in complete darkness. The second time – when everything shut down completely – we just gave up and reconvened in the hallway near the window and hung out. Our mgr made us stay 4 hrs w/no power bc she hoped that the power would go back on. It never did. And so, for once, I got to leave earlier than her. She had to stay for meetings since that is something that could still be done in semi-darkness. So, some pix from my ride home on the J-line.

Same muni, different time.

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This lady just seemed so sad.

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 Maybe she was just deep in thought. I tried to imagine her, younger and smiling, but I just couldn’t do it without creeping her out. Instead, I took her picture.

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