it’s beginning to feel a lot like cat-mas

the tree

Rufus wanted desperately to go outside while it was snowing. He put two paws into the icy-snow and decided he had had enough. Not happy.

holidays 2013

Do not feel sorry for him. Besides, have you ever seen a cuter Santa?

the treeholidays 2013 holidays 2013the tree

We weren’t the only ones that got into the holiday spirit – the kitties are obsessed with the Christmas tree! We didn’t get around to putting up a real tree last year so this is Rufie’s first year with a real tree and it has been so cute watching his eyes turn to saucers while staring at all those dangling ornaments with such curiosity and wonder.

There is always at least one kitty hiding/sleeping/cuddling/playing/fighting under the tree. So far no ornaments have been lost or broken but I’m still waiting for that tree to topple over some point this season given how much they play fight and run around that thing.

In case you’re wondering where Pandora is in these photos — see the photo of Rufus dressed as Santa? That didn’t sit well with Pandora. The moment I put Rufus in the outfit, Pandora started screaming and going nuts. She remained pissed at him for days.

It just wouldn’t be the holidays without a *little* bit of family drama.

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