is it really as simple as this?

This weekend’s plans=R&R. Girly things like shopping, and high tea, and going to the beach.

Yesterday, C and I jumped ship early and went shopping. I was wearing a white wifebeater tank top with this short shrug-like shirt over it, a denim knee-length skirt, and heels. First time Ive been shopping in heels, I must say. Probably not something Id do again.

At any rate, we were walking back to the parking garage and I hear someone yelling out the window of a car, “excuse me…EXCUSE ME, MISS?” After a few times, I realized he must be talking to us, so I turned to look, fully expecting him to ask for directions to somewhere. Instead, he said, “I really like your skirt.”

I cannot tell you how taken off guard I was.

“Um, what?”
“I really like your skirt. It looks so *beautiful* on you. It made me do a 360 it looks so good.”

Meanwhile, all his friends had their heads swiveled around staring at me, and I was burning like crazy.

Later C commented, “He even turned down his music to talk to you.”


Thats the second time in 2 weeks where Ive worn a skirt, showed some leg, and had some guy yell at me out of a car window. Im actually confused by the attention as Ive always thought I had overly athletic legs (not skinny girly at all) and hardly ever wear skirts bc of it. But as the bulldog said–it cant be all that bad if people are screaming out at me through car windows. Its a little bit high school, but I guess ill take what i get.

As C said, “well, guess you gotta keep that outfit. It’s a good one.” Guess so. Funny bc I had just been telling my other coworker how it was the first time in a long time I was able to squeeze my ass in that size 2 skirt and still be able to move my legs around.


* someone asked my gay coworker 2 days ago if me and DJ were still going out. Excuse me? “STILL?” So weird this is STILL coming up, even months after DJ left. What is it about us that people cant get enough of? Should we just quit our day jobs and start our own reality tv show called something like, “I swear we’re not dating?”

* I wrote 2 letters to 2 separate addresses to my long lost pen pal. I hope at least one of them gets to him

* X2 wrote to tell me he was lonely. I guess a part of me isn’t surprised. Like I said, if you live your life for yourself, at the end of the day, its the only person who will be around. Part of me is satisfied to hear him say it. At least he finally admitted to it.

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