i continue to amaze

I reached the point tonight where I was teetering on the line of being really belligerent or being really flirty. What can I say, I was a little of both.

Do not know how I can consume so much alcohol and then be completely sober in a brief 15 min. walk to my car. I chugged a beer at an irish bar. Saw a really cute guy there (???). Went to Voda and started doing shots. Walked to my car near Pier 23 and saw some more cute guys (????) Is it for real or is it a case of beer goggles?

DJ flirted with me. It was weird yet strangely comfortable. Wtf do I know though, I was pretty drunk at the time.

Im catsitting at Miss M’s loft in the mission. She gave me full reign of her house and I am hosting a hipster mission crawl. It all started when I invited DJ and the Bulldog over to the loft for a night at the mission. DJ claimed that he wasnt hipster enough to hang out at the mission, and I decided that we should make an event of it.

Step 1. Choose your favorite hipster outfit. I think Im going for the layered dresses over jeans look. Im hoping to God the bulldog wears the whole von dutch trucker hat ensemble, and Im begging DJ to try out crazy assymetric hair a la Interpol.

Step 2. Pre-party at a swank place in an industrial cool area…aka Miss M’s loft–and drink “ironic” beers (or “bronsons if you are truly hipster) such as PBR.

Step 3. Eat burritos from a taco truck

Step 4. Visit a variety of bars from swank, to dive. Have a shitty attitude towards everyone. The latter will not be hard. DJ told me tonight he was working on his shitty attitude as he is usually very accommodating. I have to say the ‘tude works for him. He will def. pick up the girls that way.

Step 5. Drink into an oblivion, to the point where you are doing idiotically embarrassing things that nobody finds funny but you (i.e. blowing horns into peoples ears like on new years eve). Talk to people at the bar in a loud and pretentious voice. Act like you and the bartender are BFF. Get other hipsters to buy drinks for you. Bring enough quarters for the jukebox. Dance even when there is no music, preferably with someone playing pool. Flirt with everyone like a tease, and pretend like you have no idea what you are doing.

Step 6. Stumble home with your drinking buddies, 2 of which are men, and drink left over PBRs along with another burrito picked up from taco stand on way home.

Step 7. Reveal way too much info to drinking buddies in moments of drunken stupor.

DJ is still not 100%, but I think we can convince him. I think it will be fun.

I have to say, its nice going out on the town again. Drinking so much is prob not a good thing, but what can I say–I better enjoy this while I can.

After such a shitty week, I was able to stumble to the loft tonight feeling really happy to be here, in this city.

ps–still a bit on the boozed up side. Cat is getting annoyed w/me b/c i keep wiggling this cat toy in his face. why does that amuse me so much?Β 

Step 8. Wake up and feel completely weird and awkward.

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