How is Pandora doing?

Many people have asked how our other little kitty has handled the stress of losing her sister and the introduction of a new brother.

I think this video pretty much sums it up:

Any questions?

This was taken after Pandora snuck upstairs, peered through the gap at the bottom of the door, saw Max, and went nuts. She stormed downstairs and claimed her spot on the couch. Every time I walked by, she Pet Cemetery-d me.

We are treating her with lots of love and patience, knowing that she must be really stressed. When Sabine returned from her hospital stay, Pandora acted as if she was a new cat completely, hissing and swatting at her face. Pandora hid in the basement pretty much the entire time while Sabine was slipping away, except for the day we took Sabine to have her cremated. Pandora came upstairs very quietly and snuck into our bedroom where we had Sabine lying in her dog bed. I didn’t notice her in the room, she didn’t make a sound. Only after she had paid her respects, did she come out, stop at the bathroom door where I was getting ready, then start to Pet Cemetery me before running off to her hideout.

Lots of change for our little princess.

We love you, Pinky!

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