Home for Christmas

I have been back home, in Houston, since last Friday evening, barely escaping work, and the so-called slow season. 5x.

Today was a welcome change of pace–I met up with B and R down in the heights. We had $10 sandwiches (I had the so-called world’s best muffalatta–it was good, I enjoyed eating it, but I wouldn’t say its the best, nor would I put a $10 price tag on it) and then, after running various errands, went to the MOFA.

I recently finished reading a book that R recommended, called Pillars of the Earth. It’s a really detailed historical fiction about the building of a cathedral. Having just completed it, I hoped to see some medieval religious art at the museum so I could recall some of the things they were talking about in the book, but as it were, we ended up spending more time in the modern art section., specifically in one light installation where B&I danced around while R took a video/photos. After about 15 minutes of goofing around, R got in trouble by one of the docents for taking pictures. It was pretty funny. Well, funny because I wasn’t the one being followed by the docent as he explained the rules of taking pictures of art (he was nice, but way too chatty). And because, at 31, getting in trouble just seems…funny.

Afterwards, we went to chocolate bar–something R and I picked to do over the museum cafe. Once there, however, we didn’t even want chocolate, we just wanted a huge cup of water, and then a little shot of european hot chocolate.

I stayed out later than I anticipated (sorry mom), but glad I was able to spend time with my 2 old high school buddies this holiday season. There are very few people in the world that I can be my stupid self around, and they are two of those people who more or less, get me.

I cannot believe it is already December 23, that tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and then the next day Christmas.

Where the fuck does time go?

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