Holiday Vibes

the tree the tree the tree

If this isn’t the most perfect Christmas tree lot then I don’t know what is. Obviously I’m biased b/c there’s a vintage yellow trailer (that they said they would sell to me for $95. Ha.)

holidays 2013the tree the treethe tree the tree holidays 2013

My favorite tree lot is one that is right by our house. First the vintage yellow trailer appeared. Then the lights. Then the trees. And on the day we went to pick out our tree, it snowed.

The day started with pancakes. Then the snow came. It snowed and snowed and snowed and we kept saying that this was the perfect time to go get a tree, but instead we stayed inside where it was warm and where there were pancakes. When the snow turned to ice THEN we decided it was time to get our tree.

It was kind of the perfect timing because the streets were completely empty and we had the Christmas tree lot, with all its perfectly snow-dusted trees all to ourselves. After walking around the entire place we found a bushy-snow covered tree that we liked. We stood looking at that tree for a long while until one of the guys running the lot came out and told us that he had the perfect tree for us. We were somewhat skeptical but he was right. It *was* the perfect tree for us.

Back at home hot chocolate was made and holiday tunes were played. Out came the boxes of ornaments collected as souvenirs from our travels together. We finally cleared up a tiny corner of our home where we had been storing a few unpacked boxes (yes, still — from when we moved) and decided it was the perfect place for the tree. We tied a red velvety bow to our (fake) wreath and hung it on the door. It was kind of one of those perfect Christmas-y days – the kind where you actually feel like you are in a Hallmark holiday movie where things are little too perfect (and slightly too fake) to be real.

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