hipsters night out

Went out last night w/a group of friends–the bulldog, DJ, Fergie–and my roomie C and 2 other friends in the mission. As noted previously, we convened at my friends loft (the one Im housesitting) dressed in full hipster regalia. DJ cancelled all other plans to hang with us. The bulldog was excited all week. Fergie served as our tour guide. And C and company were totally game to getting roped in to our shenanigans.

After pre-partying at the loft, we set out for Taqueria Cancun, the quintessential hipster eatery. Walking there, we stumbled across a gang of hipsters that made us realize we were totally out of our league. All of us stared in amazement, practically gawking at how far above us they were. At the taqueria, I practically blew our cover when I referred to a beer as a “brewsky” rather than the hipster terminology: “bronson.” (we were studying the hipster guidebook glossary beforehand)

With burritos and bronsons in hand, we sat down to eat, only to notice that a table away from us, a group of similarly dressed subjects were eating. What made the encounter uncanny was the fact that they matched us pretty much person for person. Initially, we were afraid that we would just look like a rag tag team of hipsters since DJ was kind of electro-rock hipster, i was a gyspy hipster, the bulldog was sporty hipster, etc, however we felt at ease once we noticed the other table was able to mix and match hipster styles.

We went to Beauty Bar first. DJ put on his glasses (no prescription) and pretty much everyone was taking notice of him the entire night. He was so in his element and girls were so into him. It was weird for me to witness. Weird in that the way DJ dressed that night put him in a totally different frame of mind–like he truly was assuming this role of this character. It was also weird to see his normally spiky hair matted down like the dude from interpol. I dont know, if he had wanted to, he could have totally worked it that night. But being that he is DJ, he sat by the wall and watched all the people pass him by. I even tried to distance myself from him knowing that outsiders would think we were bf/gf, but even that didnt work.

The next bar was the old mission standby–Kilowatt. Lots of memories in that place. Its where scb first called me “baby.” Its also the first time we all really got wasted together, and me and C found this ornament we call the “peace dove” and where we were going crazy on our way home. It was a good night. Kilowatt was okay , way more guys than girls, but other than that, I liked how chill it was, despite all the hipsters.

Our last bar in the mission hipster bar crawl was Delirium? We made our way to the dance floor and I went crazy. Then, after a few too many songs of jumping around and shaking my head like crazy, I pulled myself off the dance floor and contemplated whether or not I wanted to boggle (boggle is hipster for “throwing up”). No boggling. Instead I drank more.

We walked home completely tanked–god it was funny. I was obsessed with finding an amulet. The bulldog kept talkiing in a yoda voice…so weird.

Back at the loft, we post-partied with more bronsons and then played the drinking game “Never have I ever” or “I have never.” Basically I will never be able to look C, DJ, or the bulldog in the eye again. found out WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Still–I had fun.

Morning–we all stumbled out of bed and tried to eat our ways out of our hangovers. I felt like puking a couple of times, but sobered up enough to go to see the giants game.

In short–I had a really really good time even if it wasnt what I expected. The night itself was pretty surreal–the fact that we were trying to play a part when there were really people who dressed/acted like that in reality. There were moments, though, when I really felt like I was in the moment–as if I were this mythical hipster creature Im always making fun of–and that was pretty weird/fun.

I’m really enjoying going out again–enjoying the city and the nightlife, etc. I think I finally feel a little bit settled here, now that I have people of my own that I can call friends. Thats pretty cool.

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