it keeps going from awkward, to comfortable, to maybe too comfortable, to sweet, to innocent, to confused, to I dont know if I see myself with him, to maybe, and then back around again. I guess this is why people date.

today was good, relaxing, and easy. we went running along the embarcadero until my breakfast decided it wanted to force its way up…it didnt, but it wanted to. some things I never learn–like dont eat immediately before you run. And when you do run, you should prob get some sleep and not drink the night before. I felt like such a puss too, but the more I ran, the more everything in my stomach jumbled together and made me want to puke…especially when we started running by restaurants. game over.

after seeing me slow to a shuffle, he stopped and walked with me, even tho i could tell he really wanted to run more. sorry dude, im not in the navy. lunch was sushi and then we walked down the street to get some gelato. that was my favorite part–sitting in front of the gelato shop with a bunch of kids, eating ice cream and people watching.

tonight=fancy schmancy dinner and then the symphony.

editor’s note 8/22/12: this was our first date, me and the hubs 


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