here we go again


they didn’t *hire* me.

um yeah.

seriously, what is wrong with people here? they told me they didnt feel like they were ready to take me on right now and that they were looking for someone more senior than me first and then after that need was filled then they could start looking for someone else. Um…okay. Makes no sense dude. why did they hire me in the first place? its not like i lied about my qualifications or skills. Secondly, ive only been doing production work these past 2 weeks–and for that matter, work that i could do in my sleep. And not even the work i was hired to do. So how can they even make that assessment in terms of qualified? And if you weren’t going to give me a chance to do the things you were hiring me to do, then whats the fucking point? Im confused. Not really surprised, I guess, but how can you really tell anything about anyone in 2 weeks? Maybe I should have come in with stamped up teacher -like vests and talked about kids and dogs and gardening. Hell if I know.

Im more pissed by the fact that the art director has basically been lying to me this whole time, as it was basically her decision as ive been working mainly with her. That reaaallly gets my goat more than anything. How the fuck can you be so fake to someone? No wonder she’s been avoiding contact with me lately. Again, I must be really naive. Im also pissed that she didnt have the balls to tell me to my face when i was in the little meeting with the creative director. i really have no respect for people like that. then she has the nerve to tell me “take care” as im leaving. um, yeah, anyways.

meanwhile, the whole time, the creative director is telling me how torn he is and how much he wants to hire me and how talented blah blah and how everything im saying is right (b/c i told him how i felt abou the matter) and that if i ever need anything or need a recommendation and blah blah how much he likes me. um yeah. again. what. the. fuck.

so thats strike 2. tired of fuckin flakey californians. im never working in East Bay again. It seems to be the epicenter for dickheads–or the hell mouth. whichever you prefer.

fuck it.

the good news is that i guess i get to spend more time w/scb. heh.
the bad news–well, lets not think about that. better not to get lost in shoulda woulda couldas. better to just cut my losses and move on.

anyway. life goes on. waddya gonna do.

and for the record, if, after reading this, you feel the need to post with “Im sorry”–dont. I dont want to hear it.

yours truly,
the management

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