HERE & THERE | While the Hubby is Away Part 2


What is it about creating to-do lists while the hubs is away? It’s like making New Year’s resolutions: a)time after time the same stuff keeps appearing on the list and b)those items never get done. While the hubs was away on a business trip I had the audacity to draw up another to do list which included, among other things:

– go swimming/gym
– pick up cat food
– mail letters
– complete some online Korean lessons
– go downtown to stationery / gift store
– swap out winter wardrobe for summer + organize closet
– get hair cut
– organize online photos
– research pet sitters
– research upcoming trip options / plan some summer getaways

What actually happened:
– The first two days my diet consisted of leftover potato chips, bread, and cheese and crackers. The rest of the time I actually forced myself to not eat carbs and cheese every meal, so instead I pretty much ate veggie tacos the rest of the week. It’s always weird to a pig like me how disinterested I am about food when Sly isn’t around – I could be happy eating chips and cereal and cheese and crackers for every meal if left on my own.
– I didn’t step foot in the gym. It’s hot here, the gym isn’t air conditioned (it’s in the garage of our apt so not that hot either), and I was totally looking for excuses.
– Instead I printed out some weekly running/training plans and joined a few local online running groups. Let’s see if that happens.
– Watched all kinds of crappy tv along with some bizarre girly options found on Netflix/Hulu including: Real Housewives of Atlanta (how did I live w/out this show for so long), The Bachelorette (even better when dissecting each episode in detail via long emails w/my old roomie), So You Think You Can Dance, Teen Mom, MasterChef,and Gilmore Girls (how did I never watch this when it aired? It’s awesome). If only I devoted this much time and energy towards learning Korean…
– Attempted to organize my closet/swap out winter for summer clothes and instead became obsessed with creating “The Perfectly Packed Suitcase – Asian edition” Anyone share this obsession? It’s the holy grail of packing light whereby everything a)packs small, is light, comfortable, and can dry fast b)has multiple use — can wear it both in city and outdoorsy environments; dressed up or dressed down c) when paired with other meticulously chosen items in the suitcase actually doesn’t look slobby/too touristy (no convertible pants ever!) and creates a wide range of photogenic outfits d)requires only 2 prs of shoes (this prob will never happen) and d)fits into a small carry on backpack. Instead of organizing my closet/drawers, I pulled everything out, threw it on the bed, started creating and photographing outfits, got distracted, and left everything on the bed until I went to sleep at which point I transferred my pile of clothes to the top of my dresser where it still sits. I could ramble on about this forever, but I’ll leave it for another post.
– Called the hair stylist that was recommended by fellow English speakers. The first couple of days — nobody answered. I kept calling until I realized that I had switched around two of the numbers. FINALLY made an appointment — but for the following week.
– Kept up to date on the MERS virus that has the entire country in a panic (check out this wedding photo that has gone viral) in large part to how the government has (mis)handled the whole thing. While at first the virus seemed contained namely in hospitals in the Seoul area, there are now cases in Busan as well as one confirmed case in our city. Time to get some designer air masks?
– Video chatted with my brother and looked through his Tinder account with him. Man, Tinder — a fascinating new world of curated personas. Kids these days.
– Made a list of things I wanted to do this summer as well as early stage research for other travel destinations. Set up fare trackers and reminders so that Jeju Part 2 won’t happen again. Never forget.
– Found a hairstyle blog via another blogger and got sucked into watching youtube videos of hair braiding. Which led me down the rabbit hole of youtube beauty videos. WTF is it about hubby being gone that makes me super girly? I rarely wear makeup IRL but man those videos sure make me feel like I should
– Had an awkward interaction with our security guards. While in the shower our CSA delivery came. Since I wasn’t able to let in the delivery person the boxes were dropped off at the security gate. After I got out of the shower I heard the intercom ring and knew it was probably about the veg boxes. Between the doorman/guard’s English and my terrible terrible Korean I figured out that the boxes were at Gate 2. Now which gate was gate 2 again? I googled the Korean words for “box” and “package” then proceed to what I thought was gate 2. Thankfully I was correct.n After 10 minutes of charades and speaking Konglish with the security guard I had my CSA boxes.
– Took lots of kitty photos

Overall, not too bad — I managed to pick up the kitty food (anything for my babes), mail letters, listen to one online Korean lesson, make an appt to get my hair cut, organized some online photos (for now), and researched a lot of stuff online. For the most part I also managed to not eat like a 10 yr old child who is left at home without her parents.

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  • jj
    June 16, 2015 at 7:47 am

    Gilmore Girls was my favorite post-college show (especially after Buffy ended)! Miss that show so much.

  • Kevin
    June 16, 2015 at 11:07 am

    The sculpture is already there, waiting in the rock. So it is with your Perfectly Packed Suitcase. Just keep mining the pile.

    Keeping good thoughts…

  • veronika
    June 16, 2015 at 11:41 am

    I remember how much you (and chris?) used to love that show and how you wanted me to watch. I didn’t want to watch it a few years in so I never saw it til now. Thank God for Netflix.

  • funnelcloud rachel
    June 16, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    OMG. I can’t even explain how hard I can relate to this! Did I say the same thing on your last hubby’s away post? I feel like I should write a similar post of my own, but then I would expose to the world how much I suck at being an adult.

    I think “go swimming” and “organize photos” are on every to do list I’ve ever written.

    You get bonus points for actually going to get the cat food because we ALWAYS run the dog food bin down to the wire and once a month the dogs end up getting handfuls of treats/random food from the fridge for a meal. Did I mention I suck at being an adult/human? Thank God I don’t have an actual baby human in my care!

    Also, glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t switched out winter/summer wardrobes yet. (Basically this just means that *all* my clothes are in random piles throughout the house.) #adultfailexhibitnumber2674 Can you please write a post on the perfectly packed suitcase/your travel essentials? I always want to travel light, but I suck at making decisions and basically freak out at the 11th hour and cram everything into my bag “just in case.”

    P.S. Chips and salsa for dinner!

  • veronika
    June 16, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    or maybe I’ll just pack Max and call it a day…

  • veronika
    June 16, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    What is it about being alone that makes us want to go swimming and organize photos? Are those things dependent on Hubby being away? I’m positive the next time Sly is away the same list items will appear along w/the same results, though knowing I would prob blog about it forced me to actually *try* to cross some things off the list (lame). Of course that was like the day before Sly came home — mad scramble to complete every list item.

    I have been trying to pack the perfect suitcase for years, maybe even decades It has gotten a lot more complicated since I started using a dSLR. I think the key for me is really trying to understand what I plan on doing on my trip and packing accordingly. Like is this a backpacking trip? Will I really need a zoom lens? Will we be going out at all? Hiking? Etc. My downfall has always been the frickin’ shoes. And the toiletries. I MUST BE PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING!

    Zillions of trips/bags and so many failed attempts later I finally *feel* super close to *my* version of packing light (I don’t think I will ever be ultra-minimalist) — I just need to give my new revised bag a few test runs to adjust accordingly and then I’ll definitely post about it.

  • Kevin
    June 17, 2015 at 10:33 am

    Max would work for autumn, but when winter comes, you’ll need Rufus, too.

    Keeping good thoughts…