Happy f*ing new year

n7962486_42973056_5284work…sucks. had a long fight last night w/NG that was so exhausting and frustrating. I thought I was going to pull my hair out. All I wanted to do was go to bed, relax, maybe read a book or watch a movie, and get some rest before heading off to work today (which sucks as much, if not more, as I anticipated). Instead, I got to stay up all night talking about the same stuff we always talk about, actually, the same conversation we had 2 weeks ago…which was the same convo we had 2 wks prior to that, etc. Neverending and so frustrating. New Year’s in Tahoe=not bad, but not relaxing. I think I slept on average 4 hrs a night, and not because I was up partying. Snowboarding was decent, but cold as fuck when we got trapped on the ski lift for 30 minutes in the freezing cold. I think NG and I had a good balance of hanging out with “the group” and going off on our own.

Our first night there–when we just got in–and our last full day there were my favorites. The first night, we just went and had sushi at a pretty good place called The Naked Fish, and then went to the casinos in Nevada to lose money. The last day there, we went into town, did some wine tasting, ice skated, ate candy apples, and then spent new years eve in the only quiet part of the cabin: outside in the hot tub. We weren’t trying to exclude anyone, but it was so peaceful out there. We got the idea of putting coors light in the snow to chill it to the perfect temperature. Once we started putting things in teh snow to cool down, we got the dumb idea to run around in our swimsuits in the snow, then run back into the hot tub. In the middle of all this, a lone dog came up to the hot tub and scared the shit out of me. I called him Nana. He drank coors light with us, and licked our faces like crazy. About 15 minutes after we rang in the new year, he left. Then NG and I made a turkey sandwich.

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We had planned on going out to the little town nearby–the town where they close off the streets–for new years eve. We tried taking naps, but it was just too loud for us to sleep. We ended up giving up and just saying fuck it. We were too tired to make it out at that point. That is how we ended up in the hot tub drinking beer with a random dog. And actually, that part was pretty fun. We made up all sorts of stupid games, played in the snow, reflected on 2007, and talked about our “resolutions” for 2008.

My resolutions are pretty much the same as they always have been: more time w/family, less time worrying over stupid stuff, organize my closet/life and get rid of the things/people I dont need, travel more, go running more, find a new job, etc.

It’s weird to think that there will never be another day of 2007. Not that 2007 was all that awesome, but its weird to think that its gone already. Kind of makes me sad–another year since my dad was alive–another year further away from him.

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