Happy Birthday, Sabine

Sabine would have turned 5 today. We were looking forward to throwing her a party, dressing her up, and baking her a tuna cake.

Coincidentally, we received a surprise package today from C — a CD of photos of Sabine, and some toys for Max. Max has typical second child syndrome — hand-me-down (pink) toys that his sisters have cast off. He doesn’t seem to mind (he finds paper exciting), but he loves having toys of his ‘own’ too.

Among the box of gifts, his first piece of clothing: a scarf.

He doesn’t mind wearing the scarf, so don’t feel sorry for him. In fact, he loves the scarf because he thinks it’s a game. Max loves the pom poms. Even before we put the scarf on him, we unwrapped the box, took out the scarf, and left it on our counter, as we were on our way out. When we returned, the scarf was nowhere to be found. Turns out, Max had jumped on the counter while we were away (Bad. He knows he’s not allowed on the counter), and took the scarf.

Careful what you wish for, Max.
Happy birthday, little Sabine, wherever you are. Max and Pinky will share a can of tuna to remember you tonight.

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