This year’s (rather uninspired) Halloween costume = $3.98 blonde wig picked up on clearance, huge false lashes, and some vintage clothing that I already had. NG wore a fedora and a suit. What were we?

See this link for our inspiration:

We were inspired by the show (since we’ve been watching it on netflix lately), and also the costumes were easy and required minimal additional accessories that needed to be bought.

halloween 2008 halloween 2008halloween 2008 halloween 2008 We did, however, determine 2 great up-and-coming halloween costumes:
1. raver couple (this would be so easy)
2. white guy-Asian girl couple (there really is no other kind in SF, which is kind of disturbing. NG could be the Asian girl, and I would be the white dude).

and oh ya, vote.
Although elections don’t happen every 4 years, people. Where were all the people standing in line with their annoying kids in the past local election? I’ll stop here before I start getting too preachy.

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