goooing out

Upcoming schedule includes:

Tonight: NG flies in (late late late) and stays til Sunday

Next Wed night: Fly out to NYC to meet up with sis, her bf, and NG (this is my first real vaction this year…sad)

Thursday after that: Fly to DC and stay for about 10 days. I just got connected via VPN (finally) and I can now work remotely! Hello 21st century!!! This will be the longest stretch of time that NG and I will have been in the same place. It also coordinates with my Auntie who is visiting from Vietnam. She and a bunch of other family (mom, brother, uncles) will be in DC during this time as well. I’ll catch them at the tail end of their trip. I’ll also be in DC during the anniversary of my Dad’s death–which to Asians is a big deal. It will be nice (?) to be in DC at that time since he’s buried there, and also be with family.

Following week: NG will try to fly out here to partake in any early Halloween happenings

Week after that: Still trying to find tix to fly out to Houston for friend’s wedding. EEEP, I’m still looking Zakk, I swear!

Weeks from then until Tgiving–hopefully I’ll go on a camping trip with the usual crew

Which brings me to the big 3-0–which is being celebrated in traditional coast to coast style (aka C2C07) Miami with all my girls and my sis! We all bought our tickets last week. I’m totally excited since I’ve never been and since so many people are planning to come out and celebrate. B–it’s a super long shot, but you are def invited. As is R.D. I know you guys prob won’t make it but you know where to find us.


And then…New Years…haven’t really thought of this yet. Only thing mentioned in passing was with my sister’s bf–involving the bahamas. no pressure no pressure…but could be cool.

Crazy how the rest of the year is essentially all planned out. Where the fuck does time go? And will you look at the time. Why the fuck am I up so late/early? Im going to be dead at my running club tomorrow.

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