Friday List

FallMaking: Web pages. Not my favorite thing in the world to do.
Smiling at: Sly came up with a really gross way of talking (accompanied by a really gross face). It’s funny. But gross. We seem to love trying to  outdo each other in this department.
Watching: I just watched Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father last night. I was a wreck after I watched it. Was really glad that Sly was not awake to see me ugly-cry, and was really glad my little kitties came to comfort me. I don’t know how to describe this movie — I mean it’s sad, but then it’s also…inspiring? Makes you hate people but also makes you want to be a better person? Lots of emotions packed in 1hr and 30 min.
Listening: Books on tape, which are actually now called “Audiobooks,” I guess. I check them out online through the library (FOR FREE!), download them to my notepad, and listen to book after book after book — awesome when I’m working on something or doing chores. I’m currently listening to Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. It’s so good.
Smelling: Whatever crap someone just cooked.
Tasting: Water. My stomach is in knots.
Feeling: Like crap from the Chinese food I ate last night. It actually tasted good but I feel so terrible and nauseous today, like the time I had a very bad allergic reaction to some fast food. We haven’t eaten too well this week, and my body is telling me to F off.
Thinking: I need to go running.
Reading: The Dog Stars (kind of into End-of-the-world books right now)
Dreaming: about finally tackling some home projects…soon…
Discovering: just discovered Fresh off the Boat (edit: now renamed Huang’s World) this past weekend and couldn’t stop watching it.
Wearing: cowboy boots!
Dreading: traffic
Loving: The weather. It’s gray, I know, but gray is my favorite color.
Craving: Fresh home-made juice from our juicer. We have been juicing regularly since the beginning of the year and it’s been awesome.
Planning: on going back home (to Texas) next week! Can’t wait! Though I might need to not eat anything but lettuce up until then — my mom’s cooking is so good…and she cooks so much…and we eat so much. Not to mention all the other Texas food temptations.
Thankful: that the weekend is finally here and that it’s supposed to be high of 30s on Sunday, and that means lots of cuddling with kitties, making chicken tortilla soup, and reading.

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