well, I didn’t think it was possible, but I met a guy version of julia stiles. no shit. one of the people i interviewed today looked like julia stiles w/a goatee.


Miss M and I ditched working out today (shes my regular workout buddy) and instead decided to hit up Michel Minna for drinks and appetizers. While she claims that she likes to go out and flirt with the boys, she’s married. In other words, she would probably get hit on more than me, and then I would end up with the dorky wingman who had nothing more to talk about than his job and where he’s from.

I don’t know what it is about talking to her, but I swear everytime we get into one of our deep convos, I start to cry. This time, we were talking about politics, and the war, and Im so obsessed with both of those topics and became really passionate about something I was saying that reminded me of some articles/books I had read and documentaries I had seen about the war, that I started to mist up. Then I started to cry. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me? Am I that emotionally unstable?

Naturally, the one night I go out, and look decent, is also the night that i decide to be a crybaby. real attractive, dx.


We went shopping afterwards and looked at shoes. I fell in love w/so many things on Macy’s second floor, but then i thought, really, whats the point of buying another cute top to go w/my cute jeans and shoes that im never going to wear out anyway? Miss M racked her brain to think of a “plan” for me…of how Im going to reenter the dating world w/flourish and gusto. We both drew a blank.


In other news, Im going to bed semi-early tonight. 6 miles tomorrow. Basically Im turning into a sports-obsessed softball dyke.

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