finding the passion

One of my fav shows is the bbc version of Kitchen Nightmares. On that show, Chef Ramsay is always asking these lackluster chefs to “find the passion” again.

I need to find the passion with blogging. Or at least with my life so that I can have a somewhat interesting blog. I refuse to believe that once you are a couple, there are no more interesting stories to tell, even if sometimes, I feel that way.

NG is flying in tomorrow for an interview on Weds, and then flying out on Thurs morning. Because of all the back-n-forth, it looks like this Memorial Day will be spent solo. I have been uncharacteristically glass-half-full these days, maybe in part due to one of my friends who is going through a divorce. We have had a lot of conversations about getting through Life, and being better because of it, and maybe some of my preachiness has finally rubbed off…on myself…

It’s a long, round about way of saying that Memorial Day, I’m free, and maybe this is a good chance for me to have a mini-adventure of my own.

Or I could stay in the entire weekend and bombard myself with (thanks bro) and a healthy does of netflix.

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