February Date Nights

february date nights

The majority of our dates nights have fallen into one of two categories:
– accidental (like when we realize we have concert tickets/groupon that we bought 6 months prior and decide to make a night of it) or
– re-occurring (like when we used to have sushi Mondays back when we lived in SF on account of sushi being relatively ‘cheap’ in SF and also bc Mondays suck/ed.)

Recently we decided to put a little more planning behind date nights. New date night guidelines include:
– Occurs at least 2x a month, any day/time of week
– One date planned by me, one planned by Sly
– Has to include some aspect of something we have not tried before: new place, venue, activity, recipe, etc.

So far:
– The first official new + improved date night was postponed in favor of watching the Olympics
– The postponed date night (planned by me) included 1/2 price burgers and a $2 movie. After burgers and a brownie sundae, we both decided we were too tired to watch a late movie
– At-home date night began as me waking up one morning and mysteriously wanting to cook lasagne so we planned a night of lasagna and watching the newest season of House of Cards. While waiting for the lasagna to bake we may have had 1-2 bottles of wine.

Since we were so sidetracked by Olympics-watching, and since Feb is such a short month, we kind of fell short in the date planning department. To be continued next month…

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