Her other pillow

Because a fatty cat can’t have too many pillows (or toys)…this is Sabine’s upstairs hang out. I pulled these 2 things out of my room because every now and then, I’ll watch tv upstairs and lounge around on the floor since the couches upstairs are pretty tiny. Well, naturally, Sabine found this beanbag-like floor pillow that I’ve had since early post-college days. She loves to pounce on the beanbag pillow, roll around, and then see that pink thing to the right? That’s a stuffed piggy pillow. Once Sabine is safe and sound in her “dog bed,” she rolled to her side and stars gnawing on the pig pillow–grabbing on to the hoof with her mouth and then kicking the rest with her back legs. Gross.

I’m looking at the pillow/dog bed right now…it has tons of her nasty fur all on it. Thanks, Sabine.

My little fatty with an angry potato face

Stretching. She loves stretching her long body.

At first glance, you’d probably find this cute. But look at the eyes. She’s up to no good.

Ok, thats KINDA cute…but still…kind of devious…

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