Feast of Seven Fishes

feast of seven fishes at fiola
Maine Bélon Oyster 
Prosecco Zabaglione, Osetra Caviar

feast of seven fishes at fiola

Ahi Tuna 
Hudson Valley Foie Gras Carpaccio 

Our fave Christmas Eve tradition: feast of seven fishes (fois gras + huge slabs of truffles optional) #christmaseve #christmas2013 #onthetable #truffle #feastofsevenfishes

Wild Cod 
Porcini Crema, Barbera, with a crapload of Norcia Black Truffle 

Something magical about Christmas Eve snow flurries. #snow #christmaseve #christmas2013 #holidayvibes

We most likely will not get a white Christmas but this afternoon for a brief moment snow flurries blew all around as if I were in a life-sized snow globe and man if it wasn’t just the tiniest bit magical.

Our Christmas Eve tradition that started not too long ago has become one of our favorites: a feast of seven fishes. My sister always finds the best restaurants to try (there aren’t many that offer this meal), and me, my sis, sis’ bf and hubby spend the evening laughing, drinking and stuffing ourselves silly. It’s a great way to spend *real* family time with people you love, and gives us a chance to connect before the madness of Christmas and family descends upon us.

I love Christmas Eve. More than actual Christmas day. On Christmas Eve, everything and anything still feels possible.

(i know these camera phone photos suck, but the food was so good)
(also, flickr, you are pissing me off with this new iframe crap. stop.)

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