Father’s Day

Last week, a friend from the old job sent me a friends and family email (first off, why would i friends and family it when i can get the full disount) for Father’s Day. The email said something like “hurry up and order before Fday!” I didn’t mean to be a total ass, but I wrote back, “you forgot that my father is dead so I probably won’t need this discount. Thanks anyway though, I know you were just trying to help.”

Innocent mistake, but its another case in point how, when someone dies, the life that you knew forever changes. I call it my “new life.” It’s not better, its not worse, its just different and will take getting used to. To me, the people around me are living in a universe parallel to mine–I don’t really belong in their world anymore, and they don’t really understand mine.


I spent today wandering through my Dad’s favorite junk store (something my sister suggested). I’m not necessarily a church-going person, but when it comes to thinking of my dad, this place gives me a sense of peace. I wandered the messy aisles and had crazy-person conversations with him in my head, bought some crappy jalepeno cheese popcorn and 2 strange cup-o-soup bowls, sifted through $3 DVDs, and then went home and watched movies until I fell asleep. Sigh.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow. I’m so not in the mood to deal with people.

At least NG will be here by Tuesday.

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