Family Time

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We tried to pack as much as we could into every single hour we had with the family as we are rarely all in the same place at the same time for very long.I was worried at first that our house would be too small to accommodate so many people but instead it felt full — full of laughter, (food), happiness, joy , and family.

A few favorite memories:

-Lots of late nights playing games — video games (puzzle fighter) and Ticket to Ride
-Pandora fiending for catnip after MM gave her insane amounts every time he saw her
-Continuing the tradition of giving the brother (and now his bloodline) the most disgusting chocolates we can find
-Eating too much. Night after night after night. Everything homemade and so good.
-Pies a la mode. My mom ate blueberry pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner one day.
-Watching Conan on Youtube – in particular this and this
-Jack was obsessed with the Slender Man video game, but then was too scared to actually play it
-A late night walk through the woods, flashlights in hand, looking for “slender man,” and scaring the crap out of Jack
-Hot cocoa and hot mulled cider, and for the adults: spiking drinks with Ron del Barralito
-Excursions to an indoor trampoline place where we could barely jump the full hour (we were exhausted after maybe 30 min). So fun though.
-Astronaut ice cream and the new(er) Air and Space Museum (I was totally impressed, not even a plane person)
-Lounging on our overstuffed chair that we dragged upstairs from the basement, eating stroopwafels.
-Bowling at old-school bowling alleys
-Mom made two new best friends.

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