Engagement Photos are here!

A selection of photos from our engagement session in Austin, TX. Click on the photo below!


Sly and I went to Texas for Mother’s day, and so that our families could meet in person for the first time. We all drove to Austin to check out the wedding site, as well as to sample bbq, and scout out hotels and rehearsal dinner restaurants. Unlucky for us, we managed to hit Austin at the hottest day that year — 90+ degrees. Most of our photos were taken outdoors in the baking hot sun…we were absolutely melting. Our final location shot was at Amy’s ice cream on Guad — one of the few places Sly and I had been together in Austin. We had some of our photos taken in the photobooth, and of course, enjoyed some awesome Amy’s ice cream.

Overall, I was a lot less embarrassed/lot more comfortable with the engagement photo session than I thought I would be. We weren’t planning on having engagements taken, but we’re glad we did.

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  • cindy
    July 24, 2010 at 10:31 am

    Beautiful photos!!! Can’t wait to see ya in October!