Economic Stimulus

Thanks to Uncle Sam, who already takes a large chunk of my paycheck, and thanks to Uncle Hippie Sam (thats the one that lives in Cali who takes even *more* out of my paycheck), I have received $600 in the mail to stimulate the economy.

It would be un-American not to immediately spend it, right?

All-Clad Stainless Steel Cooking Set

Shun 3-piece knife (to add to my Shun Ken Onion knife)

This actually totaled more than $600. More like 1k. But thankfully, I still have WS contacts and was able to pull some strings now that said contact is leaving that hellhole, and use Contact’s discount.

I’m totally stoked. Finally. A set of pans and knives that won’t completely piss me off.

And yes, I realize I’m totally nesting right now. Creepy.

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