woke up early this morning bc I couldn’t sleep. My kitty was sleeping outside my door, and I begun to play with her a bit. This was around 4am or so. I brought her into my room, turned off the lights, then laid back down to go to sleep. Then the house started to shake. At first, I thought I was just dreaming, or that somehow my cat was involved in making stuff fall down, but then I realized it was an earthquake. It kind of freaked me out waiting for it to be over and not sure how long it would last or if this was the beginning of a larger quake.

Found out that it was a 4.2 quake centered around Oakland. Considered “light,” it was still the biggest and closest quake I’ve felt to date.


In other news:
–NG comes to town today. Flight was delayed/missed connection yet again. This would be his 4th time…in a row…that this has happened

…and last but not least…

brim gets married this weekend! Sorry I couldn’t be there, but CONGRATS!!!

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