I crawled under my desk early this morning (in a dress, mind you) to locate an outlet for my little parrot light. out of nowhere, I hear a voice saying, “Heeyyyyyyyyy…” in a somewhat excited tone. This scared the bejeezus out of me bc Im usually the first one to arrive in my office area and nobody arrives until practically 30 min. later.

For some reason, it shocked me that the voice belonged to DJ. I kind of remained crouched, on hands and knees, underneath the table, unsure of what to do. “Uh, hi…?” So just like that, DJ decides to talk to me again. And what could I do? I couldnt really ignore him or act like the music was too loud or give him the cold shoulder–when it was just me and him and a very very quiet room.

I guess that means we are sort of buddies now, but I still need acknowledgement. We actually didnt really talk like we did. We just bitched about work. That’s different.


And then theres superbowl sicko–the guy who I intensely dislike who came to our superbowl party. I wish he would stop emailing me. I mean, maybe he’s not an ass anymore, who knows, but I really don’t care to invest my time in finding out. What ever gave him the impression that I would want to email him. Not like I spoke but 2 words to him at the superbowl party. You would think that by blocking his email, he would get the hint. Instead, he just uses a different email acct. Bizarre. And unsettling, in a way.


Have yet to respond to scb. Not sure what to say yet.


This is lame, but I finally got around to watching recorded episodes of Amazing Race 6. There was a couple on there who had a fucked up, yet typical relationship. Basically the guy would go nuts/be a baby/throw a tantrum everytime she did something wrong. Then she would feel like shit and start crying. But his little controlling mechanisms had the opposite effect. Instead of catering to him, it made her not want to be with him. She kept saying how he was so abusive, how she was always miserable around him, and how when they got home, it was over. Of course, when it got to this point, the guy would be all sorry and tell her how much he loved her and how he was going to make it right, etc.

The best part was when he threw back to back tantrums and she said off camera, “I’m not ready to leave the race yet. If I have to pretend to be his girlfriend to finish the race, then that’s what I’ll do.”

I want to keep this episode on tape. This is the type of stuff they should teach in sex ed. classes: Signs of an emotional abuser, and ways to deal with such a person.

Why does this guy only realize his feelings when his gf has had enough? Its like he said earlier, “I don’t want you to not love me anymore.” So fucking selfish. Basically, he only contributes to the relationship when it best suits his needs. So. Very. Typical.

I’m taking notes on how she handles the situation. It will be interesting to see if she holds true to her word, or if she caves.

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