Friday. After work. C and I did our usual Friday night shopping in Union square. Just doesn’t feel right to have a friday without shopping.

We both found some really cute stuff–all on sale, of course–some cute tops and generally stuff that you’d wear to go out for a night on the town.

First step: get cute clothes. Second step: find dates. Notice I didnt say cute dates b/c we are both in the “fuck off” mode and would basically need to be kissed by God himself before we were actually interested in forming a relationship w/some dude. But anyway, when it happens, at least we’ll have cute tops.

I’m supposed to get up and run w/my gramma running club group tomorrow. I almost hope it will rain so that i have an excuse to sleep in. Its also 1am. I have to be up early tomorrow. why do i do this to myself?

good thing is i fit into a size 2 skirt today (it was a magic skirt, i swear. That, or someone cut the tag out and replaced it with another). bad thing is, I really liked this one pr of boots on sale at macys, but they really could not fit over my calves–no matter how hard i tried. just cant win.

anyway, i better get to bed. although, my strategy of looking like hell might work for me as its common knowledge that you always meet some hot guy when you look your shittiest.

more later…if i dont die tomorrow.

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