Does not play well with others

This is what happens when you have a nice bbq, have some friends over to enjoy another unusually warm Saturday afternoon, and have your friends bring their leash-trained cat, Scampy.

Pandora kept watch through the window, to see if Scampy was still outside.

Scampy snuck in the back door. The moment Pandora saw him, she instantly turned back to Pet Cemetery and did not return to Pandora until 3 days later.

Meanwhile, poor Sabine, with her overly worried, scrunched up face, did her best to comfort Pandora while she (for the most part), pouted in ‘her’ room.

A day later, when Pandora was feeling a little less Pet Cemetery, we dressed Sabine in a little sailor outfit, hoping to get our first shot of the 2 together, in sailor outfits.

This is what happened:

Pandora thought Sabine was another cat!!!

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