CARROT: refers to something you want, but cannot have–like the carrot on a stick that you always see in cartoons, dangling just right in front of the person’s face, but just barely out of reach. Applied to dating, this refers to the so-called perfect candidates for dating, who just have *something* wrong with them. Something that prevents you from getting with them. Take C’s fireman for example. Perfect perfect and perfect. He calls her–makes the effort to call her (oh, so THAT’s how its done?!). He emails her. Hes a fireman! He’s hot! But why is he a carrot? B/c he lives in San Diego, and realistically, what’s going to happen? Let’s take another example, a favorite of mine, and one that is truly close to the heart–Franz. Likes me, check. Is hot, check. Is cute, check. Has nice smile, check. Smart,check. Shy, check. Chickeny? check. Furthermore, even if things did progress, whole leaving country going back to germany thing solidifies him as a CARROT.

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