Day 84

1:30 am call

scb called me last night/this morning. drunk call. In about 3 minutes, scb told me how he stormed off the court during his bball game (whats with that?), how he won $80 playing some frat boy drinking game (last weekend, it was $140), and how his cell phone all of a sudden worked (after being plunged in the water for 3 seconds 2 weeks ago). Asked him if this was an official drunk call. He said, “being drunk is bad for you.” I’m going to take that as a yes.

All my emotional-ness mustve taken a toll, huh?

But was talking to C about whole drunk call thing. Determined that you only drunk call the people you like…or, for that matter, the people you looooooove. I’ve only drunk called the X. Frenchy, and now SCB have drunk-called me. Guess that means scb officially loooooves me. Ha!

Wonder why that is–why do we feel the need to call people when drunk? More specifically, certain types of people…?

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