Day 7 — back to normal

successfully sabotaged date. Felt like I was playing hooky from school or something, as was careful to avoid computer and/or any IM conversation the entire day. Figured if he didn’t contact me, then I wasn’t obligated. Not like we had the date set in stone or anything. Was more like, “how about meeting on Sunday for dinner/drinks.” I had never really confirmed either way. Oh well. As C said, “It’s not like you seem too disappointed or anything.” I nodded my head in agreement. Much better playing hooky.

instead, spent entire day meandering the city w/C, buying comic books, eating Russian food, checking out the Asian film fest, and watching gymnastics (heh).

In lieu of dinner and drinks, took walk by self to catch night showing of Filipino movie at film fest. Okay, so maybe its not a *date*, but it could have played out like that Coca-cola ad–the one where the girl is mouthing the words to Ingrid Bergman’s character in Casablanca, and the guy next to her sees her and starts lip syncing Bogart’s lines, and then they look at each other and start dancing in the aisle. Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t have worked out *quite* like that, especially w/the whole Asian movie thing, but it could have happened. You never know. Right?

Was perfectly satisfied with the predicament I found myself in on Sunday–i.e. spending time w/girlfriends, minus the boy factor. Didn’t think for one minute about the pursuit of the opposite sex, and felt quite happy about that. What can I say? I *like* being alone. I mean, yeah, it would have been cool to like lie in the park, head in the lap of some guy, him reading poetry to me and feeding me grapes. But this was good too.

However, being that this is the “experiment” and all, I need to start forcing myself to step out of comfort zone. At least more than already have. Although a part of me is asking why? Oh yes. The experiment is why. Crap. Must get better about following my own rules or else will have nothing to write in upcoming days. Ugh.

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