Day 66

I have no willpower

was so close to emailing–and bombarding–like 9 million times. Cannot stop thinking about it. Even when Im not thinking about it, Im still thinking about it. Sigh. Tired of always having to be patient. Annoyed that he hasnt even tried to contact me either.

think ill create a fake email account and pretend its his. that way, if i ever have the urge, I have an outlet.

this guy that P knows from her spanish class is supposed to contact me sometime in the near future. I dont know if he will. Im curious, but that’s about it. P mentioned me about 2 weeks ago during class. The next week, he didnt make it to class, but still took the initiative to call P and get my numbers from her. Good job at stepping up to the plate. Lets see if this one has any follow-through.

furthermore–cannot believe chip has not called me back. not that im waiting by the phone, but wtf?

men are so fucking predictable.

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