Day 150

Just stopping by…

SCB called me a few hrs ago. Said, “Im just in the neighborhood, and was thinking of dropping by. Would you like some company for a while?”

He came over. I fed him leftovers (kind of mommish of me, but whatever). We sat in front of the fire and sipped on green tea and talked. He left about 2 hrs or so later.

was just something sweet about him being “in the neighborhood” and stopping by to see me.


also…he went to the store–ON HIS OWN–to see if store in question had something I had discussed getting that morning. I was going to go to this boutique-y type store to check on a gift for a friend. Told SCB i was planning to do so. And without me having to ask him, he “stopped by” and checked to see if they had the gift. “To save you the trouble,” he said.

these are the types of little things that win big brownie points

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