Date Night | Korean Tofu Soup House

spicy korean tofu soupIt went more like this:
“Hey Hubs, we have an old groupon to that Korean tofu soup place we need to use sometime soon”
“When does it expire?”
“In seven days”
“How about tonight?”
“Sounds good.”

And romance was born!

I barely ate anything all day knowing full well I would eat a ton. Specifically, I had my eye on my favorite seafood pancakes that are crispy, fried, and delicious. Being two old people, we arrived early — well before the dinner crowd — then proceeded to pretty much order everything on the menu. By the time we were done with our apps, I barely had room for the main course — the entire reason for coming to this place — the spicy Korean tofu soup. True to form, I still managed to slurp down a few (large) spoonfuls before packing up the leftovers for lunch.

Lighthouse Tofu
Cusine: Casual Korean
Cost: $10-$15
Good For: casual dining, groups and families — plenty of tables/seats, gets kind of loud, tons of families and kids.
We ate: tofu soup (beef + kimchi and combination), seafood pancake, dumplings plus all the sides that came with it. It was enough to feed an army. For two people, you really just need one app
Tip: You can have your soup made “white” (no spice, which frankly sort of defeats the purpose) or “spicy spicy” — the highest spice level. I ordered mine “medium” and it was spicy. Sly ordered his “spicy spicy” and he was sweating. We both have pretty high spice tolerances, especially Sly, so if you are a spice wimp be forewarned.
Recommended: Yes

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