christmas eve

Christmas sweaterOur first Christmas in the new house with our tiny #christmastree #christmaseve #christmasMy mother-in-law made these for our three kitties #catsofinstagramRufus' first Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve. I can’t believe it’s already that time of year, the past few months of traveling, packing and moving have more or less shielded me from any sort of holiday spirit.

We spent the day rather un-festive-ly. We finished painting our storage room last night, assembled storage shelves and started the long road towards organizing our house. Somewhere inbetween, Christmas happened: it started to snow.

I uncovered our box of holiday decorations and decided to put up our tiny tinsel tree. We waited too long to get a tree this year and then didn’t have the heart to kill a tree for just a few short days of glory. So I dug out our old 2 foot tree and searched for tiny ornaments to hang so that the tree wouldn’t topple.

Rufus was immediately drawn to the Christmas tree — his first ever. Maybe it was all those dangling ornaments, but I’d like to think it was the magic of the tree. After getting scolded multiple times for chewing on the tree, he finally sat beside it and just stared in wonderment at all those shimmering lights.

How is it even Christmas tomorrow?

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