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    Polaroids of Hawaii

    Hawaii Polaroids

    We’re back from Hawaii. It feels like ages ago since we left even though it’s been only a couple weeks. It’s taken me a couple of days to kind of process being back – back from vacation mode but also back from the States. We spent the past weekend holed up on the living room couch, with the kitties (of course), watching movies, eating junk food, and missing Hawaii. Or maybe, just missing the small taste of America we had while in Hawaii.

    It’s good to be back *home* though, or at least this version of it. I’m really looking forward to fall here in Korea, if the weather ever decides to cool down, that is. I’m excited to start watching Halloween movies once October rolls around (in two days?! Stay tuned for my upcoming Halloween scary movies list…), for the smell of roasted sweet potatoes on every street corner (my favorite Korean snack), for consuming at least one pumpkin spiced thing, and for camping in our friend’s apple orchard at the end of month.

    But first, I have a few summer posts that I meant to hit publish on before leaving for HI. As is always the case, things got pretty hectic before we left. Lots of unexpected things popped up last minute and then we decided we needed to give our house a thorough scrub so we could return to a clean home (does anyone else do this?). Before we knew it we were packing our bags just hours before leaving to catch the train to Seoul.

    As you can tell we made it to Hawaii just fine, and maybe this time next year, I’ll finally blog about it. Until then, a few Polaroids taken on 5-yr old expired film, some of my favorites of our entire trip. I need to shoot in film more often.


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