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    Costa Rica – the final days


    Day 6 – Manuel Antonio The plan was this: I would take an early bus to the beach town of Manuel Antonio (I had already delayed my loose plans by 1 day to see the caves) and then spend the rest of my time on the beach doing nothing. No more hostels for this girl – I planned on staying at a decent place with hot water and a view of the ocean. But of course, what ever went as planned on this trip? 7:30 am, and I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the Interbus (the tourist bus) to arrive. I had chosen this interbus bc it was a 5.5 hr ride over the 8+ hr ride via the local bus. By 8:15 still no bus. A few of the people I had met at the hotel told me that I should find Noel and see if he knew anything. So I found him, only to discover the bus was coming at 2:20pm. Which meant I would basically waste a day traveling on the bus, and arrive at Manuel Antonio at night. Not an option. I grabbed my things and went to the Interbus office that I had seen in passing a million times before. My goal was to get on a bus of any sort that led me out of La Fortuna. Through a combination of Spanish and English, I was able to communicate with the Interbus guy that I was supposed to be on an 8am bus, and that I wanted to know why it didnt come. He looked up my name, only to discover that there were no reservations made under my name and that is why the 8am bus left this morning, completely full – not empty as Noel had told me. I asked if he could check the 2:20 bus and again he checked his computers. “You\’re not Emily, are you? Because we only have a reservation for Emily.” This pissed me off more than I coudl say. We called up Noel. Noel said he was sorry but didnt know what to do (for the record, I was there when Noel made the reservation so I really do not know who\’s fault this was). And then the Interbus guy said sorry, he didnt know what he could do. Continue Reading


    Costa Rica – Day 5

    I woke up bright and early for my tour of Venado Caves. My tour was supposed to be at 8. By 8:30, I was still waiting and started to suspect something…


    Costa Rica – Day 3

    Day 3 marked my entry into extreme sports – Costa Rican style. I did the typical canopy tour thing – ziplining through the forest on a cable wire – and also…



    Im not used to LJ en espanol. Or the costa rican keyboard. And there is a cat that just jumped on top of my computer. f*ng weird.…


    pura vida

    After a lot of back and forth and waiting around for other peeps to decide on their travel plans, i finally think ive decided where to go on my precious week…