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    Daegu | A Pool Party at Hotel Interburgo EXCO

    According to various news reports, this has been one of the hottest summers ever recorded in Korea. It certainly felt that way here in Daegu, which received additional bonus points for…


    Daegu | Slip’n Slide at Slide the City Korea

    Remember Slip’n Slides from way back when? A couple weekends ago we brought our inner tubes to a huge, adult-sized Slip’n Slide set up by Slide the City Korea during Daegu’s popular Chimac…


    Korean Life | Rainy Season

    Practically every day for the past couple of weeks, the stifling summer heat has been interrupted by a very welcome late afternoon shower. The day usually begins as it normally does…


    Daegu | Tea Expo

    In the past couple of years we have made a concerted effort to switch from drinking a million cups of coffee a day to drinking tea. To be honest, it’s been…


    Daegu | Suseong Lake Date Night

    Korea in the spring. Thai food. Short sleeves and sandals. A gentle stroll around the lake. A bench to watch the sun as it slipped behind the mountains. The sound of…


    Daegu Eats | Thai Food at Ruen Thai

    I don't know how many times we have driven by Ruen Thai, located beside nearby Suseong Lake, recently. "Thai and Vietnamese Food?" We would exclaim, "I wonder if it's any good."…