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    Daegu | Slip’n Slide at Slide the City Korea

    Remember Slip’n Slides from way back when? A couple weekends ago we brought our inner tubes to a huge, adult-sized Slip’n Slide set up by Slide the City Korea during Daegu’s popular Chimac…


    Korean Life | Rainy Season

    Practically every day for the past couple of weeks, the stifling summer heat has been interrupted by a very welcome late afternoon shower. The day usually begins as it normally does…


    Daegu | Tea Expo

    In the past couple of years we have made a concerted effort to switch from drinking a million cups of coffee a day to drinking tea. To be honest, it’s been…


    Daegu | Suseong Lake Date Night

    Korea in the spring. Thai food. Short sleeves and sandals. A gentle stroll around the lake. A bench to watch the sun as it slipped behind the mountains. The sound of…


    Daegu Eats | Thai Food at Ruen Thai

    I don't know how many times we have driven by Ruen Thai, located beside nearby Suseong Lake, recently. "Thai and Vietnamese Food?" We would exclaim, "I wonder if it's any good."…