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    Snapshots of January

    daegu // january 2018

    I think I might be one of the rare few who loves winter. I love the cold weather. I love snow. I love the crispness of winter air. I love how beautiful everything looks dusted in white.

    This January was certainly one of the more frigid ones that I can recall since living in Daegu, though nothing compared to winter in Seoul. I kept wishing it would snow more – like really really snow — but it never did. The best we got was a couple inches overnight that froze the river and turned rooftops white.

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    Daegu | Hanji Lantern Floating Festival

    This is my favorite time of year in Korea. It’s the season of cherry blossoms, beautiful weather, street food, and glowing lanterns. For the third year in a row, we walked…


    Celebrating Our 10 Year Dateiversary

    This past weekend, we celebrated our 10 year Dateiversary! The anniversary of our first official date is not something we usually celebrate (or even really remember), but 10 years seemed like a…


    Daegu Eats | Bake Cheese Tart 

    Bake Cheese Tart, a bakery that originated in Hokkaido, Japan, recently opened with much anticipation (by me, anyway) at the new Shinsegae Mall in Daegu. Bake, like many Japanese specialty food…


    Daegu | Trap Korea Escape Room

    As soon as I discovered the Trap Korea escape room here in Daegu, I begged gently nudged Sly to go with me. It only took about two months of non-stop badgering convincing,…