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    Cheongdo | Provence Photo Land & Wine Tunnel

    cheongdo | provence photo land & wine tunnel cheongdo | provence photo land & wine tunnel

    After a day of eating, hiking, and strange art coffee shops, we jumped in the car and hit up two of Cheongdo’s most popular tourist attractions: Provence Photo Land and the Cheongdo wine tunnel.

    I don’t think Sly and I quite knew what we were getting into when we agreed to go to Provence Photo Land, and in fact, I think we just went along with the suggestion because it seemed like the thing to do while in Cheongdo. In my head, I envisioned a small, Asian-style, theme park with maybe a re-created town center reminiscent of the village in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast; shops that sold ice cream, waffle desserts, churros, and maybe even Japanese-style sweet crepes; and possibly a Petite Prince statue scattered here and there.

    Instead we got lights. Lots and lots of lights.

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