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    Japan | Tokyo – French Brasseries, Festivals, Lucky Cats, & Shopping in Shibuya

    Unfortunately for us we didn’t read the fine print on our Tokyo Apartment rental that said check out was at 9 AM. What the heck ridiculous time for check out was that? We texted the host to confirm the time and were told that the early check-out was because the maid came “anywhere from 9-11am.” Bleh.

    In a way it was a good thing. Instead of sitting around surfing the internet deciding where to go next, we were out on the street, reminiscent of our old backpacking days, with luggage on backs roaming the streets of Shibuya.
    tokyo japan | hachiko exit shibuya station

    The sad story of a loyal pup, Hachiko, is remembered with a mural wall and nearby statue. I want a Hachiko!

    tokyo japan | shibuya lucky cats maneki-neko

    Not to be outdone, lucky kitties, maneki-neko – can be found all around Shibuya. Sometimes people leave money. It would be nice to think that money somehow goes to support a shelter but I have no idea what happens to it.

    tokyo japan | shibuya lucky cats maneki-neko

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