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    Sakura in Japan | Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto

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    I’m going a bit all over the place with posts from Japan. I have a bunch of other posts I want to tackle before I get to blogging about our most recent trip, but before the seasons changed yet again I wanted to post a few cherry blossom photos taken in Japan.

    Sakura, or cherry blossoms, in Japan was one of those bucket list sort of things that I don’t think I ever really planned on checking. As much as I love blossoms, I do not enjoy crowds of tourists taking photos of said blossoms.  We didn’t plan our trip with the expectation of viewing blossoms. It was still early Spring and blossoms tend to bloom towards the end of March/early April. I guess we got lucky. After a few wonderfully warm days of sunny short-sleeves-and-sandals sort of weather the cherry blossoms came to life.

    When we first arrived in Kyoto only a few trees had buds. By the time we left,  pretty much every single one began to burst with fluffy pink balls. Continue Reading


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