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    Hawaii in a Campervan | PART 2: Diving With Turtles + Maui’s Molokini Crater

    You may wonder how someone who claims to be terrified of the ocean became open water scuba certified. I can blame Sly for that. Back when we first started dating on opposite coasts we semi-planned to meet up at a friend’s place in the Bahamas. Sly mentioned that he liked scuba diving and I thought it would be wrong to NOT go diving if we were in the Bahamas.  I secretly took a diving certification class thinking that when we arrived in the Bahamas I would surprise Sly with a diving trip. As it turned out we never made it to the Bahamas due to scheduling conflicts AND I came to find out that Sly was actually NOT certified (or he was certified overseas at some weird place a long time ago). Awesome.  Right before leaving for Hawaii, Sly had to finish up his SCUBA certification coarse so that we could dive together. After all that I was not letting my SCUBA creds to to waste!

    The most common dives are either shore dives or boat dives. In a boat dive you get up early, board a boat, head out on the *shudder* open water and typically complete two dives with a break in between. A friend of ours recommended Mike Severn’s diving company. We met up with our group around 6 am or so and were fitted for shoes, wet suits (I swear I always get the WORST suits. I’m pretty sure they gave me a men’s suit too because…well…extra room in the crotch that kept filling with water when diving), and weights.

    And so it began. A journey into the heart of darkness…

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