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    Khao Lak | Ao Thong Beach Bungalows

    Khao Lok | Ao Thong Beach Bungalows

    A Slice of Paradise

    After a few days in Phuket, we traded in our luxurious pool suite resort for a simple two-person bungalow located on White Sand Beach in Khao Lak. On our mini road trip up North, we stopped at a gas station to purchase interesting Thai flavored Lays chips and a couple bags of our latest addiction, pineapple jam cookies. Even though Khao Lak was only a two-hour drive from Phuket, it felt as if we had escaped to a deserted island. Khao Lak was beachy and laid back, and because it was low season, almost entirely empty.

    We didn’t plan on staying for longer than a day or two. Ao Thong Beach Bungalows were to be a quick stop before we headed off to another set of bungalows on Khao Lak Lake. However, once we arrived, we both knew we weren’t going to make it to the lake. Surrounded by palm trees and with access to a pristine white sand beach, we had found our little slice of paradise. All previous plans were canceled. We spent the remainder of our trip in these simple bungalows, doing as close to nothing as possible.

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