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    Chúc mừng năm mới! | Happy Lunar New Year!

    Happy Year of the Dog!

    We returned from Pyeongchang (more on that later) just in time to celebrate Lunar New Year at home. We debated heading back to Pyeongchang over the long weekend to watch even more Olympics, but since a big part of Lunar New Year is spending time with family, and eating special New Year treats, we decided to ring in the new year once again with our kitties.

    My mom sent us a huge care package of homemade Vietnamese New Year’s food that somehow passed customs. My favorite bites include sweet and tangy kiwi and pineapple balls and dried, candied pineapple slices. Sly’s favorite are the crunchy, coated and fried peanuts that my mom told me were called “fish skin.” While it may not sound too appetizing, they are totally addictive. We nearly polished off an entire Tupperware container in one sitting! It’s hard being away from family during this time of the year, but eating my mom’s homemade food always makes me feel as if I’m home again.

    Chúc mừng năm mới!

    Happy Lunar New Year!


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