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    Happy Halloween!

    halloween 2016

    We have been celebrating our anniversary in Taiwan the past couple of weeks but returned to Korea just in time to celebrate Halloween, my favorite day of the year. I’m sure that there are lots of events going on tonight (or maybe they already happened over the weekend?), but predictably we are pretty tired (and lazy) to do anything more than watch scary movies and try on the horrible, ill-fitting, toxic-smelling, masks I bought at the Korean dollar store (stay tuned).

    Since Sly had to work until late last night (Sunday), he took today off. We spent the day scrounging through the clearance Halloween section of our nearby discount store and purchased some small items to add to our growing collection of cast-off Halloween decorations. Sadly, I didn’t find any good kitty costumes, but that certainly didn’t stop me from dressing up our poor kitties in Halloween attire. Rufus decided he wanted to be an elephant this year, while Max kept it simple with his sailor outfit.

    Now you know why it’s my favorite day of the year.

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

    PS: The kitties were given many treats for their contribution to my happiness this Halloween. I suspect they will receive many more before the night is up.
    PPS: Has anyone else played “Magic Cat Academy” on Google doodles? I’m kind of obsessed. Also, I’m kind of lame.


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