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    Wide Angle lens

    I waited at home today for UPS to arrive to deliver me my new wide angle lens. Naturally, Fatty and Frumpy were likely test subjects. Sabine didn’t want to cooperate. She…


    Their first vet visit together

    And Pandora’s second time ever (??) to the vet. Pandora is 4-5 years old, although every time Sly is asked how old she is, he says 3. Three years old is…


    away from home

    Sabine shadowed me all Friday, while I packed and got ready to leave for NYC. While I brushed my teeth in the bathroom, she sat beside me and watched. When I…


    Yin and Yang

    One of my coworkers jokes that Pandora is a total Tomboy, while Sabine is a total princess. I used to think the opposite, thinking that Pandora was more cat-like and elegant,…


    New Summer Dresses

    Another extremely (uncharacteristically) warm weekend in San Francisco. Sly and I walked to our local diner, 2 blocks from our house, had breakfast and then window shopped on Chenery on the…



    NG takes off today for about 2 weeks in the Phillippines for work. Yesterday, he asked me if I would ever think of moving to the Phillippines. Hmmm…guess I never thought…