carrie bradshaw moment

I am documenting this for my future self, so that I will either look back on this and find this entry amusing, or look back on it and find this entry completely ridiculous. (editor’s note 11/8/15: I am finding this both amusing and ridiculous. I was a total shopoholic back then. Not so much now, but I do still love my shoes) But here goes… I spent so much money on shoes this weekend that now I have to force myself to bring my lunch to work for the next month or so to save money. This is why I don’t have kids. total damage: 2 pairs of cole haans, 1 pr of coach. And I had to be convinced (over and over and over) that I shouldnt buy the dk grey suede ankle boots with snake skin detailing that I really really wanted. At least they were all on sale. These look grandma-y in pictures, but are actually surprisingly cute (and comfy) on Another pair that looks ok in picture, better on, even better with outfits

I saw these in a magazine recently and became obsessed. They are extremely comfortable (i got the neutral ones), even if they don’t look it.  ps–B: remember those christian louboutin studded peep toes you showed me at Barneys? they are on sale at bluefly for $932. I know you want them. *end of girly post*”

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